Fee Structure

For the NEET 2019 crash course classes

Rs. 17,500 only (including GST) will be charged.

  • For the fee paid, materials will be handed over, for free.
  • All the online tests can be worked out.
  • There are no other hidden charges.

On account of the low fee rate, there are no installment payments provided.

Fee Payment for year long online course

The best part of our program is the fees. For a very high quality training accorded, the fee charged is very meagre.


  • For theory: Rs. 9000/- only.
  • For the series of tests: Rs. 9000/- only
  • For both theory and tests: Rs. 15000/- only.
  • For doubt clarification: Rs.5000/- only.



For the year long CBSE classes (Both Biology and Maths Students) Rs. 60,000/- (Rupees Sixty thousand only) including GST. Fee for such students is waived for the Crash Course 2020.


For the year long NEET classes it is Rs. 79,000/- (Rupees Seventy nine thousand only) including GST.
For the +1 students opting for the two years course of the CBSE exam, the fee changes to Rs. 1,06,200/- (One lakh six thousand two hundred only) including GST.
Note, for NEET students (+1) taking up the two year course, the combined fees will be Rs. 1,18,000/- (Rupees one lakh and eighteen thousand only) including GST.


Students taking up the one year course will cost them Rs. 82,600/- only (Rupees eighty two thousand and six hundred only) including GST.
In the case of +2 students taking up the two year course, the fees to be paid is Rs. 1,29,000/- (Rupees one lakh twenty nine thousand only) including GST.

We don’t claim to be the no.1 in the industry. We leave it for the students to say it. But, success is guarenteed for those students who follow the instructions given to them during the course period.
For students taking up the online crash course test series (more than 50 test), the fee charged will be Rs. 2000.
For regular students the crash course and the online test series is free.
For details please call on us or preferebly approach us in person.